Marmite pop up shop on Regent Street, London

Marmite pop up shop, Regent Street

I stumbled upon the Marmite (pop-up) shop while wondering the streets of London on Wednesday. It stocks over 100 different Marmite inspired products (marmite breadsticks, homewares, artwork, clothes, books, etc) many of which are exclusive to the shop. It even has a ‘bar’ upstairs where you can enjoy some marmite on toast with a cup of tea. Here are some photos from my quick visit. Read More »

Limited is the new unlimited, says Orange

When Orange announced their pricing for the iPhone a few weeks ago, they quoted a limit of 750MB on what they call their unlimited plan. So I thought I’d look back at my past data usage (with O2) just to see how it compares to Orange’s unlimited limit of 750MB. The results: the closest I got to the 750MB limit was 727MB. I suspect this was mostly due to me trying out the Spotify app during that month. Although I consider myself a heavy data user, my usage has otherwise been well below 750MB a month.

data usage

So do I think that the 750MB Orange limit reasonable? Probably! However, if O2 had better 3G coverage in my area, I expect I would be using significantly more data. What’s your usage like? Note: Orange has since backtracked* on their unlimited limit.

*sort of

Thanks to @sledgecallier for showing me how to access my data usage statistics that’s buried deep inside the MyO2 website.

Print Screen from a Mac/Apple Keyboard on a PC

apple keyboard

The apple keyboard does not have a ‘print screen’ button. I thought I’d share this handy tip on how to take screenshots (print screen) if you are using an apple keyboard on a PC. Simply load the ‘On-Screen Keyboard’ from Start>Programs>Accessories>Accessibility>On-Screen Keyboard and click on ‘psc’ button. Read More »