Limited is the new unlimited, says Orange

When Orange announced their pricing for the iPhone a few weeks ago, they quoted a limit of 750MB on what they call their unlimited plan. So I thought I’d look back at my past data usage (with O2) just to see how it compares to Orange’s unlimited limit of 750MB. The results: the closest I got to the 750MB limit was 727MB. I suspect this was mostly due to me trying out the Spotify app during that month. Although I consider myself a heavy data user, my usage has otherwise been well below 750MB a month.

data usage

So do I think that the 750MB Orange limit reasonable? Probably! However, if O2 had better 3G coverage in my area, I expect I would be using significantly more data. What’s your usage like? Note: Orange has since backtracked* on their unlimited limit.

*sort of

Thanks to @sledgecallier for showing me how to access my data usage statistics that’s buried deep inside the MyO2 website.