Life in Perpetual Beta

Featuring a bunch of amazing people including

  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Seth Godin
  • Jeffrey Zeldman
  • Biz Stone
  • Daniel Pink
  • Avner Ronen and
  • Jason Fried,

Life in Perpetual Beta is a documentary film

about the ways in which technology has/is/will change the ways in which we think about ourselves as individuals and a society. It is exploring the cultural shift that technology creates as it enables people to live more passionate, less planned lives.

Life in Perpetual Beta will inspire you to believe that with a little faith in humanity and help from the internet, anything is possible.

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From Mount Faber to Sentosa

Watch out for the giant Merlion on the left as the cable car approaches Sentosa island.

The Merlion

Some photos from the island.

I'm flyingggg

Sentosa Express
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Sliding down the rainforest

Went on a trip to the Genting Highlands just outside of Kuala Lumpur today and rode the 2 mile cable car known as the Skyway.