White iPhone 4! Thanks Gelaskin!

Having waited months for the iPhone 4 to get to the shops, I gave up when Apple announced that it wouldn’t be available until ‘later this year’ and got a black one.  It’s not all bad news though as I found out, you can very easily and cheaply make your iPhone look like this:

It’s simply a custom Gelaskin.  I ordered one a couple of weeks ago and I’m very impressed with the quality.  Besides the white retro look, it also protects the back from scratches.

The Gelaskin comes with back, front (top and bottom) as well as side skins with pre-perforated areas for the camera, led flash, speaker, etc. I have opted to skin just the back of my iPhone however as I didn’t think the front looked right in part white and part black.

If you’d like to get one, here’s the custom skin file I used.

Just download the image file, then head over to Gelaskins and upload the file after you click on Create Your Own.  If a white iPhone isn’t quite quite your thing they also have lots of really nice skin designs.

Note: I have used my affiliate link for Gelaskins in this post.

Update 21 Sept 2010: Buy 3 get 1 free

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